What is a custom installation?

Our standard installation works great for most people. A standard install places the fiber access point on an exterior wall on the main floor of your home.

When you need the access point in a more specific position, like a home office on the second floor, we can also do a custom install at no cost.


The ideal standard install

The access point should always be the best place to bring Ting fiber into your home to give you the best experience.

Aim for a central location in close proximity to the majority of devices that will access the service. An ideal situation is where the wired connection is easily accessible to your devices that need the consistency of a wired connection while also allowing your wireless devices close proximity to the wireless router for a consistent connection.

If the ideal location doesn't fit the parameters for your ideal location, we've got you covered! A custom installation may be for you.


Which installation is best for me?

  Standard Install Custom Install
Floor Ground Floor Any
Entry Point Exterior Wall Anywhere (generally through the attic crawlspace)
ONT/Router location Ground Floor Anywhere


Standard vs. custom install benefits

Standard Install Custom Install

Simple installation

It fits any home's needs

No hassle with wires

No interruption to home setup/décor

Easy access to router/fiber modem Access to router/fiber modem based on your needs

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