Can I get Ting Internet in my neighborhood?

We’re working on it! Make a pre-order and we'll see what we can do.

A pre-order is a vote for your neighborhood. The more votes your community gets, the faster we’ll get there.

Getting the word out to your neighbors or neighborhood homeowners' association so more people pre-order and cast their votes is the absolute best thing you can do to speed things along.

From time to time, we’ll send updates to everyone who places a pre-order. You can also stay up to date with any news by checking out our blog pages.

Incentive for pre-ordering?

Beyond increasing the demand for your area, pre-ordering gives you a free standard installation when we do expand into your neighborhood. And a month of free service!*

We'll deduct the $9 pre-order deposit from your first month of service when you sign up for service down the road.

If we don't make it to a particular neighborhood? We'll refund all deposits. These can also be refunded at any time if you reach out by contacting us at 1-855-846-4626.

*free month of service is applied to the second month of active service.

I don't see an option to pre-order

Every sign-up helps, so if you want Ting to come to your town, fill out our Bring Ting to my town form and let us know! Interest from residents is part of how we gauge where we should lay down fiber next. A critical mass interest makes it way more likely we'll look there.

If you're curious about about what we're working on next, look no further!

Let your community leaders know

In communities like Westminster, where our partner is the city (or town) government, community leaders are part of the solution. It helps a lot if they know their residents are ready for the type of Internet Ting offers to come to their community.

So lobby your mayor, councilperson, or other municipal representatives. It helps.


Mostly kidding! Ting towns really are lovely places to live.


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