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Hate early termination fees? We've got your back

Are you interested in upgrading your service with Ting? Are you worried about the cost of ending your current contract with your internet service provider (ISP)? We've got good news! Ting will cover the cost of your early termination fees, up to $300, so you can join the Ting family without needing to wait until the end of your contract. 

How does it work?

Easily! When you sign up for our service, you will be assigned one of our advisors who will work with you through phone calls, texts, and emails to help you get installed with our fiber internet service. All you have to do is send one of our advisors an email with proof of payment of your early termination fee from your previous provider, and we will take care of the rest. 

Ting will cover up to $300 in early terminations. The amount will be divided over 12 months in your monthly billing.

For example:

  1. You've signed up for our Home Gigabit service, which is $89/month.
  2. You've emailed us proof of payment of $300 in early termination fees with your previous internet provider.
  3.  We divide that total over 12 months.
    • $300/12=$25 dollars
  4. The amount calculated will be removed from your monthly billing for the next 12 months making your monthly billing $64/month.
  5. Monthly billing will return to normal ($89/month) once the 12 months of credits are up.

And that's it! To get the full effect of the buy-out, you will need to have active service over 12 months.

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