Ting's Early Termination Fee Offset Program

Are you considering switching to Ting but worried about early termination fees from your current internet service provider (ISP) contract? Great news! Ting will cover your early termination fees, up to $300, over one year of service. This allows you to join the Ting family without having to wait until your current contract ends.


When you sign up for our service, simply email us proof of payment for the early termination fee charged by your previous provider. We will take care of the rest!

  1. Ting will cover the early termination fees up to $300.
  2. This amount is evenly deducted from your monthly billing over 12 months.

You must maintain active service with Ting for these 12 months.


  1. You sign up for our $89/month Home Gigabit service.
  2. You email us proof of payment of $300 in early termination fees from your prior internet provider.
  3.  We divide the $300 total over 12 months.
    $300/12 months = $25 dollars savings per month
  4. Your monthly is reduced to $64/month for the next 12 months.
    $89/month - $25/month = $64/month over a year.
  5. Once the 12 months of credits are over, your monthly billing returns to the normal rate of $89/month.

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