How do I get out of the Evil Support Loop and to someone who can actually fix a problem?

It's to the point where I can tell the support rep what they are going to say next in chat, and lo and behold they say it. They dont say it just to play along either, that would mean they read what I wrote and understand it which happens much less than you would think. 

The person answering the support cases very likely does not have a background in telecommunications or network engineering that is needed to prevent future occurrences of the problem I had originally been calling about.  They also do not have the ability to change support policies and processes in the ways that are required to address some easy to fix gaps in customer issue handling.  The supervisor - a temporary, and only escalation point - does not have these skills or abilities either. I know because I have asked each one I have spoken to and taken them at their word.- which is questionable seeing as some promised to have their supervisor contact me regarding the problems I'm having with Ting and nobody ever does. 




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