Ting on V1 network traveling to Mexico

Shalini Fujimoto

Traveling to a resort in Mexico, which does have wifi.   My question though is with my Ting Android V1 network plan, if I enable International Roaming And Calling, does the Roaming part roam automatically while we land and transit to the hotel when my phone is on?  Do roaming rates add up if it is enabled even if I don't use my phone and/or have it on airplane mode?   Should I just turn off the international roaming and just have international call/text enabled only when in transit?   I need the International Roaming only as an emergency.  thanks!  Not very phone savvy!   I do use Whatsapp and skype on my phone for emergencies.


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    Tabetha Sheppard

    Hi Shalini ! If you are traveling internationally and want to avoid roaming charges when connected to Wi-Fi, we recommend enabling airplane mode or disabling the roaming features in your settings and using Wi-Fi. You can also disable the data setting by itself, in order to avoid data roaming charges but typically if your settings are enabled, the device will automatically connect to a network and charge you, depending on your usage. So we definitely recommend disabling those features, until you need them!


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