Ting Fiber, Lite?

Glad to see Ting is making incremental progress in Culver City, setting the example for how things can be done.

We need a lot more of that.

I am moving, and Culver City is very likely the landing spot.

But $89/month is a huge pill to swallow.  I don't need gigabit, I need cheap.   And no, thank you, I don't want ACP.

What's the possibility that Ting quietly offers a slower tier for cheaper for those of us who don't have a household of five? I'm sure the clever marketing folks could find a way to peddle it without insulting the "gigabit for all" mantra.




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  • Hi Robert!

    Thanks for reaching out! As of right now, we don't have any other internet options other than the Gigabit plan in Culver City, but that may change in the future. We appreciate your feedback and hope to service your internet needs in the future.

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