Zenfone 9 Compatibility

I need to replace an aging Moto G5 Plus (not 5G) since when I dial, the screen goes black and there is no way to get it back (like to switch to speaker) until the call is ended.  My problem is that Motorola (lenovo) stopped making phones compatible with Ting in 2021 (although still compatible with T-mobile).  I don't need massive screens, (I don't do gaming/video/movie streaming on a phone, I don't even text - IT'S A PHONE!!!), so I want something smaller.  I have a dedicated still camera that is also 4K video capable, so I don't need a massive camera.  I usually only use it to carry a pic of broken crap to the building / auto supply store so I get the right parts. The only app I use is calendar and its sync with my workstation (via BirdieSync app and Thunderbird plugin).

All the phones in Ting shop are either tending toward massive, designed around camera and video technology, or will put me into a 3rd OS (iOS) which I am totally not going to do.  Zenfone seems to be one of the few I can find that is reasonably sized,  a bit pricey but that seems to be the only way to get something smaller than the billboards every other company seems intent on foisting on the market.

Is there a set of Ting tech specs that I can compare to those of the Zenfone  without an IMEI (since I am unwilling to purchase before compatibility is confirmed)?



  • Hey Wayne, 

    We really do need an IMEI in order to check for sure whether the phone is compatible, but here are a few other things you can check ahead of time. 

    • Make sure the phone is fully unlocked
    • Make sure the phone is compatible with 4G VOLTE (voice over LTE)
    • I also recommend looking up the device on gsmarena.com and checking out the 4G LTE network bands. For example, on this Asus Zenfone 9 it is compatible with band 4 so would be compatible with Ting. 
    • Maybe sure you have a good return policy on the phone you purchase just in case the IMEI turns out not to be compatible with Ting
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  • Thank you.  This at least gives me a little more to go on when checking for a compatible phone.

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