Former Sprint Netgear Zing.

My sister gave me her old Sprint Zing.    

It passes your IMEI test.    


Since this was on Sprint, it should be a CDMA device.   But when I start to go thru the activation,  the GSM sim card I bought a while back (got it on your sale as a future replacement) shows up as a selection when entering SIM card number.    I assume I should enter SIM card number that's in device ?????


Does activating (before 12-31-2016) a Netgear Zing count as 'adding a new line to my existing account' (since it is assigned a phone number) to get the $50 ting credit ????






  • Hi Ed,

    You are correct that your Sprint branded Netgear Zing should come up as a CDMA device. Try this: Run the IMEI through the BYOD checker again but take one number off the end of the IMEI first. This should allow it to show as a Sprint device MEID and will still show if it's compatible. If you run into an error, give our support a call and we'll make absolutely sure for you.

    Secondly, adding the Zing does count as a new line on your existing account, so yes, you would get the $50 Ting credit if you activate before December 31. :)

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  • The IMEI checker said it was good.

    The weirdness was the second step of activation (the SIM card id).   It was giving me the option of inputting my GSM SIM card number (although without the last 'F' in the number)...........

    Seemed strange that a CDMA device thought a GSM SIM was valid.

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  • It's alive !!!  Had to do a SCRTN reset ('clear programming' under 'resets')

    But there is something strange.   The Zing says there's 4 days left in my billing cycle when it should actually be 14 days (ending Jan 8).    Tried a Zing reboot, didn't change.

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