BYOD used iphone - GSM vs CDMA and carriers

I am looking to buy a used/refurbished iphone 5s or SE and I am confused about a couple of things.  I have been on ting's shop page and noticed that there are no iphone 5's there and haven't been for months now, so I'm guessing that if I want the 5s I will have to look elsewhere.  I don't think I can afford the SE's $400 price tag, so I have been looking on swappa.  My questions are:

1. I understand that I can buy a sprint phone on swappa and it should work with ting just fine.  Are all sprint phones CDMA?  On swappa I don't see anything about GSM vs CDMA so I'm not sure if I just need to ask the seller about it.

2. I have more or less figured out that ting's GSM carrier is T-mobile.  So does that mean I can buy a t-mobile phone off of swappa or do I need to confirm it is GSM first?  On swappa they don't let you ask about the ESN/MEID/IMEI number, so I want to make sure the phone will work with ting before I buy it.

I have submitted to ting's personal shopper as well, so I am looking to hear what they say as well.

Thank you in advance; I am a novice when it comes to these things.



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  • You should be able to buy a "clean" (no money owing & not reported as stolen) Sprint phone for CDMA or T-Mobile phone for GSM. A clean, domestically unlocked AT&T iphone should work too.


    It is best to check the particular phone at assuming the phone is not currently active on a carrier.

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