Configuring Ting and Google Voice

Erin Lowell

So I've been with Verizon and thought I might be able to cut costs by moving to Ting.  That's my cell number. So I ported my cell number from Verizon to Ting.  I also found out texting is free on google voice, so I got a google voice number, and set up call forwarding to the cell number.    I can text for free using the google voice app.  I gave people the google voice number as my new phone number.  They call that number and it forwards to my cell.  They text the google voice number and I text back from the google voice app.

So far so good.  Here's my question:

If I call someone from the cell, I believe they'll see my old cell number right?  Since technically, I'm still using that number.  I'd prefer they see the google voice number for clarity's sake.


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