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 I just had a vacation that had me seriously considering options for Internet access. I have 4 phones on my account. We used to have a mix of CDMA and GSM but now we are all GSM. After this weekend, I think that transition was a mistake.

We spent 4 days at a location we knew had no WiFi, but we were counting on having access to our cell service. Turns out the place was in a dead zone for T-Mobile, but Sprint had a signal. Gah! It was awful being without any communication for 4 days.

I'm investigating ATT and Verizon no contract hotspots, but I would love to just have an option from Ting. Here are some ideas:

1. A dual SIM so I can increase my coverage?

2. A hotspot with two SIMs?

3. A no contract hotspot?

4. A more precise dead zone map. Enter an address and actually see that no, you really won't get access in that location...

I realize this stuff isn't simple/easy.




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  • Hey Nathan.

    Sorry for taking so long to respond to your post, but your feature requests are valued and important to us! Some devices have the capability of using dual sim cards.. You would just need a CDMA and GSM sim cards that have separate phone numbers and they are interchangeable (sort of -- you need to adjust the network mode on your device). You could also pick up a CDMA hotspot from a 3rd party and use it on your Ting account.. it would just be an extra device fee + the data you use on the device. As for the coverage map... that is a whole other monster that we are slowly working toward fixing. It really isn't accurate at all, but overtime we will have a pin point coverage map that will allow all of our customers to see where they can have pristine signal. 

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