Add Hunt Group Option for Business Customers

I've got a *very* mobile business, which requires that I have the main business number tied to a mobile phone. The problem is that, often enough, I'm in meetings and due to karmic punishment those times are when my phone will most likely ring (it'll be silent the rest of the day, obviously). What I need is a way to have calls seamlessly ring out to other company personnel, while I have a record of the call coming so that I can follow up.

There's lots of ways that I can solve this with my existing technologies. Here's a few:

  • Set a no-answer forward to a single number, and hope the customer doesn't hang up (this is much worse than voicemail--it's a lot of rings and the customer will often not wait until voicemail answers)
  • Move the number to Vonage or another service with Hunt Group. This is okay, but then I can't easily call from the company phone number without trying to spoof the Caller ID info.

What I really want, instead:

  • A switch, in the Ting App menu, that turns on/off Hunt Group (and remembers the phone number list)
  • If no one in the Hunt Group answers within a handful of rings or another voicemail picks up, send the customer to the business voicemail.
  • When other employees receive Hunt Group calls, have Caller ID show the company number so they know it's a business call inbound.

Is this something that Ting could support? As a business customer, this is a feature I would pay extra to have available.



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  • Just thinking... I like the idea... and it would be useful for "home" users too.  I'd be happy with a feature that only allowed other Ting lines on the same account as members of the hunt group, if that made the routing operations easier (or even possible).  Allowing a form of "simulring" would also meet most of the need, and again, it could be limited to other Ting lines on the same account.

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