Warning about international rates
Not planned

Other providers I have used send you a text to the effect of, "Welcome to COUNTRY! Calls are $0.10/min, texts are $0.05 each, and Data is $.10/MB".  Can we have something similar implemented with Ting?

 I am traveling now and rates in the Netherlands are reasonable $0.30/MB, while in Finland they are totally unreasonable $6.00/MB.  So I was stung with a $107 data bill for 17MB of Data.  






  • Carriers who own their networks can do that> When i was on Ting CDMA, I regularly got the Sprint warning emails when entering Canada.  I was driving directly from a Ting-serviced network to a roaming one. I suspect that when you went to the Netherlands or Finland, that was not the case.

    Ting is an MVNO and does not own the networks, so I doubt there is anything they can do

  • Hey Dustin.

    This is something that we can definitely discuss in the next feature request meeting.. a nice notifying SMS with attached roaming rates might be something we can work out with our network partners. I will be sure to bring this up in the next feature request meeting.. thanks a bunch for the suggestion.


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