Juggling Three Phones

I have Nexus 6 and a OnePlus One connected to Ting.For reasons I won't go into, I'm going to retire the Nexus and buy a OnePlus 3t

I know I need to buy a new SIM card for the 3t and that Ting can transfer the number from the Nexus to the 3t.

Hmmm....I think I answered my own question! "Never mind!"



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  • Just for good measure - or any other curious -  you are right.

    When you receive the Ting GSM SIM, all you have to do is go to ting.com > your account > device settings > and click on 'activate' beside the SIM. (it will be attached to your account when you receive it)

    This is where you can select 'use existing Ting number' and select your phone number from the dropdown menu.

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