Text Undeliverable Error Message

Though I'm sure most "error message" requests are to make errors go away, I actually want a new one!

Like many, I have switched to Ting to help me control costs. I have disabled SMS send/receive on my account. I had expected that when my number receives a text message, an "Undeliverable" message would be returned to the sender. That's how email, US snail mail, voice mail, Whatsapp, etc. etc. work! Basically every form of telecommunication. With SMS, however, the feedback that the sender gets seems to be... *nothing*. Nothing at all. They just wonder why the receiver is rude enough to never reply.

This is a problem. Please alert senders of SMS messages to Ting users with disabled SMS that their messages are undeliverable.

I understand that there may be costs of doing this. Transmitting SMS messages is not free at an industrial scale. But you do a disservice to your customers by silently dropping all communication without so much as an error message.

Cost mitigation suggestions:

  • Limit "Undeliverable" messages to 3 or so per sender/receiver.
  • Send error message via email/sms bridge services offered by carriers (like 1235551234@txt.att.com).
  • A completely different strategy: Put a note in my Ting account like: "123-555-1234 attempted to send an SMS to your number" and I can tell the sender myself about the disabled SMS feature.

Thanks much for the time, and I look forward to more error messages in the future! (Not sarcasm.)




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