Concern that post-support survey question isn't asking the right thing

I recently called Ting to get help with an account issue. Kristina Magdich from Ting help center helped me, and she was very good.

Afterwards, I got an email asking me to answer a survey question. The title of the email was, "How would you rate the support you received?" However, the survey question inside the email that they asked me to answer was, "On a scale of zero to ten, how likely is it that you would recommend Ting to a friend or colleague?"

Those are two separate questions. If I were rating the help I got from Kristina, I would give her a 10. She did her job well on that call and I was happy with her help. However, my answer to the question of whether I'd recommend Ting to a friend or colleague is 5, simply for the reason of how competitive Ting's offering is in this space. (When I first started with Ting, they were the best deal I could find, but lately, I've noticed several competing services have better pricing.)

I know that companies often use satisfaction surveys to rate employees with customer-facing jobs. Good scores from customers can mean good job reviews or bonuses for the employee. Bad scores can be bad for the employee. If that is what Ting is trying to do with the survey question they sent me, they asked the wrong question. If you want to know how I felt about my interaction with Kristina and the help she provided to me, then ask that! But instead you asked what seems to me to be an unrelated question, and I have concerns about how my answer to *that* question might reflect poorly on Kristina when she has nothing to do with my answer because the question was wrong.

So, Ting, please review how you are using post-support surveys, and especially the wording of the questions you ask to make sure that you're really asking the right thing.



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  • I completely agree with Stephen's comment.   I've received a few of those same email surveys.

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