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First some background: I currently have Ting with 2 phones on sprint network. With my Galaxy S5 if I have LTE enabled my battery can drain some 80% over night. Can go a week without this happening or it happens every day. I assume it is connecting to a different tower when it does this massive drain overnight. My wifes Nexus 5 (I think its the first nexus 5 from LG) does this but not nearly as bad. To solve this I just keep the phones on cdma (3g). Since we rarely use data this isn't much of a problem.

The wifes Nexus 5 is near end of life. Battery can drain with no usage in less than a day. Doesn't matter what mode its in.  Think its starting to show its age.

I am curious how well ting gsm network is at my house. Both Srpint and T-Moble show decent coverage in my area but my house seems to be on the drop off point between excellent and good.  Leans toward good in real life.

1. Can I purchase a GSM sim and replace the sim in her phone. It was an unlocked Nexus 5 from google play.

2. If this works better can I take the same GSM sim and move it into any unlocked GSM phone. Either from Ting, google play, moto etc.

3.  If it doesn't work any better I assume the newer phones can still be forced into 3g only mode, correct?





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  • Hey Doug,

    The simple answer to all of your questions is Yes, you can do all of those things.

    If the phone was direct from Google Play it's factory unlocked and will work with the GSM sim card.

    The GSM sim can be moved into any unlocked GSM phone and will work with us as long as it supports the frequencies we use, you can read more here:

    And lastly, you can change the network mode on the devices if you find you're running into the same issue.

    With your current devices, it does sound like you're bordering on an area where the phone is bouncing between towers, and LTE actually searches for a signal more often than 3G, even without signal issues you can see a quicker drain on your battery because of this.

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