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I have already Canceled my 3 lines on R+  and Activated them on ting,(two different accounts) So I am guessing I have just lost my top up balance that I had over there and don't get the $35 credit? (I am ok with this as long as I can get the problem below sorted)

My other Issue is We Always had Great LTE on all phones here in our house (on R+)  but now its either Nothing or 1x. (sometimes a flash of 3g for a second) and just keeps telling me I have no Data connection every time I try to do something.(unless I am on my wifi)
I have tried several things like resetting the network carrier, rebooting, remove replace sim, changing network preference, wiping my phones,.
The Cell Tower is 100 yards away from me
Moto X Pure Is jumping in and out of LTE and nothing, and works sometimes.
Moto G4 has no signal or 1x
Moto G4 play has no signal or 1x

So unless I never leave my house where wifi is my phones are useless. 

Any help will be appreciated.



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  • I see you've found us over at the RingPlus section
    I'd be happy to answer your questions over there :)

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