Samsung J3 and Google Voice

barney Spring

I'm looking at getting a new smartphone through Ting.  I am already familiar with google voice and primarily use my GV number on an old iphone.  I'm considering the Samsung J3, but one review I read on another site said the phone's wifi disconnects after screen locks even with keep wifi on during sleep set to always, meaning that google voice (or even things like streaming music) will no longer work after a couple minutes.  Is this the case?  If so, it would make GV useless on this phone and I would look at purchasing another device.


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    Renny M

    We haven't noticed a pattern regarding the J3 having trouble maintaining a wifi connection. It should be fine to work with GV for what you want to do. If you do decide to get the phone, I'd suggest disabling the connections optimizer in the settings of the phone as it usually causes more harm than good with enabling and disabling your mobile data and wifi on its own. 

    Hope that helps!


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