iPhone using cellular data for apps with data turned off? Answered

Luta Pleiss

We've been noticing that even though we have cellular data turned off for specific apps (like YouTube) that if the w-fi signal cuts out, cellular data is still used.   Is this a new bug in iOS 10, or is there another setting somewhere that we are missing?  We also have background app refresh turned off, and wi-fi assist turned off.  We've noticed it on several apps, but yesterday YouTube managed to use 1GB of data with the cellular data setting off specifically for YouTube.  (Our home wi-fi router had quit working and we didn't notice.)

Short of turning on airplane mode at home, what else can we do, or why is the "use cellular data" setting not working for some apps?


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    Kim D

    Hey Luta,

    It is possible for small amounts of data usage to show up if the data is enabled on your Ting account but disabled on the phone only. This can happen for numerous reasons, most commonly the phone is still attempting to communicate with the cell tower. 
    Are you referring to your entire account or just one device on the account? 

    If you want to have 0 data usage, I'd recommend disabling the Megabytes on your account, go to ting.com > your account > device settings > click on your phone > scroll to Megabytes and disable. Do this for each phone. 


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