Simply the Best Customer Care!

The architect of your customer service has earned a raise. Over the number of years I've been a customer my calls have been infrequent but the same results have been delivered, excellence. Maybe 6 calls, at most, in 3 or 4 years and each and every customer service professional has been ideal. I'm in the contact center business and offer you as the example of how to do it right. Can I have a copy of your playbook? It can only make us all better. Thank you allowing me to rant.  



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  • Hey Darrell, 

    If this is your version of a rant, then by all means feel free to do it more often. 

    Thank you so much for these kind words, on behalf of the whole team we definitely feel the love, and absolutely adore feedback like this. Especially when it comes from such an articulate and eloquent individual. 

    Much appreciated!


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