Best phone for aging parent who lives overseas?

Hi, I am looking for a phone for my 80 year old mother who lives in Europe. I want her to be able to text me overseas and need a simple basic phone because she is very resistant and internet phobic. Also, could I use my Ting plan to pay for her phone even though it'll be used outside the USA? Thanks in advance for any feedback.



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  • First device that comes to mind as far as being user friendly and simple is the iPhone (would suggest anything newer than the iPhone 5 model ). If it is a GSM device you would have the option for international roaming , granted you're roaming from a country that is supported

    As for international roaming,Ting's CDMA network doesn't support international roaming. 

    Here is a great link regarding international coverage for more info :

    You can have her phone added to your existing account so that you pay for her usage on the same bill as your own device. The device would always be roaming, so you would be paying quite a bit because of the roaming surcharges. Also, the phone would need to be activated in the U.S before it can be used abroad. 

    This can all get costly (not really the Ting way), which is why we always suggest 3rd party apps such as Hangouts, Viber, Whatsapp et,. as they are free and you don't necessarily need data to use the apps (you can run off WiFi).


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