Refurbished Status Not Obvious Enough Pre-Purchase

My wife loved the Galaxy S3 and wanted to see what models you had available for purchase.

I Googled "Ting Samsung Galaxy" and saw that you had a page on your site for a white S5, which was perfect:


I clicked on that and saw the page:


I did a quick price check on Google and it looked to be about the same or just a bit higher for yours. To avoid the not-so-much-fun it's been in the past to bring a device over, I decided to just purchase yours. I did so and planned to forget about it until it arrived at the door (it was a busy week).

Well, when it got here, we noticed it was used because it was haphazardly tossed in the opened box and the faceplate was dirty and sticky. I went back to the page we purchased it from and saw nowhere did it say that the phone was used, so I opened up a chat.

The agent showed me on the Shop page where the word "refurbished" is, which I never saw since I cruised in from Google. Either which way, the text is fairly small and not obvious. He also told me thee email would've said it was refurbished, and sure enough, it did. I didn't see this as well since I get a large volume of email and wasn't worried about the phone until it got here for my wife.

Here's the pain here - nowhere on the actual device page does it say it is a refurbished phone, and your agent confirmed that it doesn't show anywhere in the purchase process, either. For me, in my case, I saw this phone and made a purchase without ever being shown it was a used phone.

There are brand new Sprint or unlocked carrier Galaxy S5 phones for the same price or lower right now available online, but the agent said I could not get a refund.

This seems like a shady practice since the product page and purchase process only mentions the phone, as if it's brand new. The fact that "refurbished" only shows on the main page shop in a thin gray text below the large phone image and literally nowhere else doesn't help this case, either.

To top it off, the agent had zero empathy and only seemed standoffish as I tried to explain the issue to them, making me feel like this was 100% my fault. Also, I had no option that I can see to leave feedback on your Zendesk chat... Having no feedback available for your chat agents worries me.

I've been a loyal Ting customer for years now, but hard-to-find major details like the fact that a product is used instead of new before making a purchase mixed with my last two support interactions (the one before this one was way worse) has me thinking of looking into alternatives. I suppose it depends on how you handle this situation.

Thanks for taking this into consideration.




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