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1. Are phones purchased directly through Ting's website unlocked? (i.e., if I'm unhappy with the service, can I easily take the phone to another carrier?)

2. I'm looking at a couple different potential smartphones through Ting ($150-200 range).  Looking at the same model on Ting compared to other retailers (Amazon, etc), I see the same phone is priced ~$50 less on Ting.  Can anyone explain the difference to me?  Are they truly unlocked? Do they come with ads/bloatware/etc?



  • Hey Barney,

    Not all phones sold directly through us are unlocked. There are specific ones that are (such as the BLU
    Life One X Black
    , OnePlus 2) That BLU phone I linked to is something that is unlocked, and within your price range.

    However, something that is sold for CDMA specifically (you'll notice what network it's for underneath the listing on the shop), would be locked to Sprint. We can activate Sprint devices as we use their network.

    We don't deal with phone unlocking at all. But if you're unsure about something in particular, I would recommend contacting us via phone or live chat to determine the specifics of the device you want to buy.

    We don't modify the phones we sell. Samsung devices tend to be pretty famous for bloatware, but that's on them, not us. None of the phones we sell have ads outside of what you see when surfing the web.

    If we beat a price on Amazon, that's amazing. We set our prices based on the price we have to purchase those phones for. Sometimes we get a good deal, and pass the savings onto you.

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  • I did get a new phone through TING and was saddened to find two flaws:  It had been used before.  My husband and I saw numerous names in a "HANG-OUT" app that was on the phone.


    It came WITHOUT a Sim Card.   TING offered to send me a new telephone, but I don't want to wait.   Customer Service people have been very kind but several of the emails I have sent to have not been recieved even though I see them clearly as "sent" in my gmail.


    I could have saved some money through an amazon purchase, but I liked the idea of TING taking ownership of their product.   But they did not give me what they promised:  an unused telephone with SIM card included in the package.

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  • Hey David,

    I'm sorry for the less than satisfactory experience you've had with us. I'll be reaching out to you shortly via help request to find out some more details on your situation. Keep an eye out for an email!

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