Why I can't leave Ting back to Boost?

I bought this Moto G from Boost a few years ago, I think in 2014. I used it on Boost up until January this year (2017) when I switched it and my phone number to Ting. I don't like Ting and I want to switch it back to Boost. When I tried to do it online it wouldn't accept the IMEI number. I called the (Boost) support and they said if the phone has been flashed or unlocked it can't be activated on Boost. I didn't flash it and I checked the phone and the ROM is still the same. So it's not been flashed and still contains the stock ROM from Motorola for Boost. Also, I didn't unlock it and I checked in the fastboot menu and it says the phone is still locked. So can anyone explain what was done when it went to Ting that now it can't go back to Boost? I don't want to get another phone at this time and just want to have my Moto G back to Boost. If anyone knows if I can do anything to the phone to make it work again on Boost please let me know. 



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  • Hey Maxwell, 

    If you're porting your phone number and trying to move the active device back to Boost at the same time, that may be the issue. 
    You'll likely have to port the phone number over to Boost first, onto a different device. Or swap your phone number onto a different device on your Ting account, and move your Boost phone off the account first. 
    I know this may sound a little complicated, so I'll follow up via email.

    Talk soon. 

  • Thank you for the reply. I think I understand what you're saying, unfortunately I don't have any other device to put the number onto. I have a tablet but when I bought it I chose the wifi only version so I don't think it's able to be activated as a phone. The only other phones I have are very old ones, probably from about 15 or so years ago. I guess the only other option would be to close the account and lose my phone number? 

  • Well, if one of your very old phones has an MEID or DEC or HEX number that we can add to your Ting account, that may work. The phone itself doesn't have to be in working order, we would just need the MEID number to "hold" the phone number. 
    I'd recommend grabbing these old phones of yours, and checking to see if they're compatible at all on Ting at http://ting.com/byod

  • I managed to find an old phone and get it active on Ting with my phone number, and the other phone is now inactive. Unfortunately Boost's site still says the IMEI isn't valid and won't let me proceed. 

  • Alright perfect, here is where I can take over. I'll follow up via email! 


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