What will Ting do if Sprint goes under?

Sprint's employees and most ardent fans are panicking on Reddit following Verizon offering an unlimited plan. One estimated that the number of Speint postpaid customers that would save money by switching to Verizon is 9 million. If Sprint goes under, what will Ting do for its customers on CDMA?



  • Unlimited plans were here before us and I don't think they're going anywhere. We're not worried, though. Here's our take on Verizon's latest incarnation of unlimited versus Ting customers.

    "If Sprint goes under" is a very loaded question. Perhaps too big for this humble forum.

    I'll play along, and it would be interesting to see what others have to say abou this. To start, this is just me talking here. (Warning: My master's in economics is entirely fictitious).

    If the 4th largest mobile network provider could no longer stay afloat, the other incumbents would pick up the scraps, I imagine. Ting would engage in a new partnership with whoever chooses to assume ownership of the former Sprint CDMA network.

    But again, this is totally Brennan's speculation

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  • Unlimited plans constitute the bulk of Sprint's income. Having Sprint customers leave for other carriers would leave them with little income, which threatens their viability.

    My concern was not that unlimited plans competed with Ting, but that the competition might make Sprint no longer viable.

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