Lineage OS/CyanogenMod with SGH-T999

I managed to get Lineage OS (v14.1) on T-Mobiles SGH-T999, working with a Ting GSM Sim card.  Initially the phone with Lineage OS wouldn't even recognize the sim card at all.  once i installed the T-Mobile SGH-T999 Modem packages (googled "d2tmo modem") i found an XDA-developers forum that was dedicated to packaging the modem software for the phone. with it the sim card is detected.  also the APN's for Ting are pre-installed and properly configured accoring to ""





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  • Following up on the modem package, the google search terms a no longer working :(
    this is the title of the forum post on xda-developers: "[Baseband] ALL T999, T999L, T999V, T999N Modems"

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