Received Email for RingPlus Migration -- Can't Get Past "Please verify your info" Page

Got email tried to verify but cannot complete process??



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    Hi Carlos,

    From the email, did you get directed over to  ?

    This is where we want you to get started. It's very important that you use the same information associated with your R+ account.

    Don't hesitate to make use of our live phone or chat support on our website if you continue to have troubles. We're glad to lend a hand!

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  • Hi 


    I believe I found the problem, it looks like you need to use the 1st top number from the account to be able to start the process from ring plus to ting.

    After several tries I was able to start the process.

    I believe a how to with images would be helpful for those with more then 1 number on a ring plus account.





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