Forward Ting number to google voice number?

Dung La

I want to use my google voice number to answer calls when people call my Ting number. When I'm at home using Wi-Fi.

Because I want to save Ting minutes.

How do I do it?



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    Smur fette

    You'll have to ask Ting directly (call or chat) to check if they offer that service. Even if they do,you will probably be billed for it like other service providers do. AT&T and Verizon, for example, bill forwarded calls for the length of the forwarded call.

    You should have just used your GV # as your primary # then forwarded calls to GV to your Ting #. When you're at home with WIFI, turn off forwarding to Ting and just send/receive calls and SMS/MMS using Hangouts.



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