Voicemail adjustable delay on no answer

I use Google Voice and I publicize that number. My Ting phone is a different number and is an extension associated with the GV number.

The problem I am trying to solve is to be able to use both voice mail systems, Google Voice voice mail for calls to my public number, and the Ting Voicemail for calls to my Ting number (made in error -- I have an outgoing message on my Ting voice mailbox that says to call my GV number).

The issue is that the Ting Voicemail system answers (5 rings) the call before the Google Voice voice mail does.

I would like the Ting Voicemail to answer after 8 rings instead of 5 so that GV will take the voicemail when people call my GV number.

Solution: Feature Request: Add a setting in the Ting Voicemail to allow users to change the number of rings or seconds before answering. (so I can set it longer than the default).





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