Ting can't get their web site to work so what problems will you experience with their internet connections

When going to pages on your website to find out the progress of installation in different areas the screen is not active when trying to enter my address.  Other pages are similar.  Also on the 5 digit single sign in when you put in the pass word nothing happens the screen just freezes.

You folks are not making a very good first impression and $89 a month plus $400 installation(modem plus install) is ridiculous as is $19 per month for 5Mb.



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  • Hey Rene,

    Can you tell me more about the issues you're seeing on the site so we can get those fixed?

    What pages were there problems on? What specifically was happening that shouldn't have? What browser were you using? The more info you can give us, the better. 

    You should know that we take any issues that occur on the Ting site or across any part of Ting very seriously.

    Thanks for letting us know.


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