Switching phones resulted in massive use of data! Could this have been avoided?

I got a new iPhone 6s and used my micro SIM card from my Samsung J7 (after cutting it down to a nano SIM!)  I chatted with Kyle before switching phones, and I really wish he had mentioned to me that I needed to be sure I was connected to a local WiFi before downloading everything from Samsung-to-Cloud-iPhone.  I used my work WiFi for part of the download, then my home WiFi for part, but I must have been using data in between, because my dashboard said I used 2008 Mgs of data.  I can't believe this is true!!  Any thought?  Any way to mitigate this HUGE amount?



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    Hey Nona, thanks for reaching out. When activating your device and especially in the case of transferring your content from "Samsung-to-Cloud-iPhone" a huge amount of data will be going from your device to the network. Depending on the amount of memory you were transferring from your device, a portion of it could have gone through over WiFi but it is possible that a large portion could have also gone through over data (you can check this out by looking at how much memory is now taken up on your iCloud storage). In any case, I always recommend doing these procedures over WiFi exclusively to mitigate these charges. 

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