Child safety/parental controls features

My son is mentally disabled, and he's unable to discern proper boundaries where cell phone usage is concerned.  For instance, he cannot  remember that he shouldn't call anyone before 8 A.M. or after 9 P.M.  I had planned to switch him from the Verizon account to a Ting account, because of the excellent calling plans, but cannot because Ting doesn't offer the "child usage controls" feature.  With the Verizon feature, for which I currently pay an addition $4.99 per month, I am able to preset time parameters for when he can start and end using the calling feature daily.  Also, I am able to block certain numbers (i.e., people that I don't want him to be able to call, including 411), as well as to block Internet usage, texting and messaging capabilities.

These are very important features for some persons in the mentally disabled population, as well as for children who need parental guidance with phone/Internet/etc. usage.  Please consider implementing this very important feature, so special needs cell phone users can safely and courteously use a cell phone.

Thank you!



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