IFTTT and other automation options

What options exist to automate changes to account settings, such as Enabling/Disabling voice calls, messaging, etc.

My goal is to implement something to manage when children can and cannot use their phones, since Ting does not yet have such a capability.




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    Hey Dennis, thanks for reaching out with your thoughts. We actually do offer a service like this which can be found under the Usage Alerts tab of your Ting account. From this tab, you can set limits to suspend or alert you by text/email when usage reaches a certain point. The only sticking point is that these alerts can't take effect during a session of usage. For example, we wouldn't be able to suspend minutes and cut off a phone call while it is happening. As soon as the session is finished services will be stopped or you will receive the alert. I hope that helps! 

  • Could you guys please consider IFTTT support.   I really need to be able to have time-based and location-based controls for my kids' phones.  For examply, I'd love to be able to turn off my kids' data and SMS at night.  Or, only turn on cellular data when they're a certain distance from home (to prevent them from using cellular data to bypass my home firewall's content monitor).

  • Hey Michael, 

    This is something we would like to offer, but currently requires more work than you might think. The network switches aren't meant to be flipped as often as an IFTTT switch would require them to be useful, and might result in the opposite effect; that is, data would be disabled when you wanted it to be enabled by your IFTTT switch. 

    I'll forward this information on to the proper team at our next features request meeting, and we will go from there.

  • Automation support (through IFTTT or some other means) would be a great thing for Ting users. Of course, not everyone would understand it. However, Ting could offer an automation marketplace where approved and vetted automation actions could be offered that address common issues.

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