OnePlus 2 and Wi-Fi Calling - What Needs to Happen?

Hello Tingsphere! (Can I make that a word?)

I've been a Ting customer for about a year now on the GSM side, and my main driver is a OnePlus 2 that works beautifully everywhere except at home, where there is no native GSM coverage (or roaming, despite towers being in range). I've read conflicting reports here and elsewhere regarding Wi-Fi Calling availability on the GSM network.

I know the settings are hidden somewhere on the phone as proven by other OP2 users on the same version of OxygenOS successfully using Wi-Fi Calling (and VoLTE, but that's another issue for another day). I've also seen where native T-Mo users have been able to use Wi-Fi Calling on their OnePlus devices even though those aren't sold by T-Mo. Knowing that my APN settings are valid for data and Wi-Fi Calling is enabled under my account, what do I need to do to get Wi-Fi Calling working on my phone? It would be great to have this, as I work with a local TV station and need to be able to text at basically any time without worrying about coverage.





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