Misleading Graphs erode Ting's credibility & trustworthiness.

Hello,  Your graphs seem to only show the data used WITHIN a bracket which presents a misleading depiction of the overall monthly use. F or example, I've used 125MB of data this month and am no in the 100-500 plan.  The graph looks liked I've only used a little bit of my plan because it depicts 25 of 400 MB of use, when the reality is that I am actually 25% through the plans total (125 of 500MB).  As the user enters a new pricing bracket, this tricks him into thinking he has used less than he actually has for the month.  I suggest your graphs immediately be adjusted and show the total use.  if you want to breakout the use through each plan increment, you could color-code them on your circular graph.  I'd be happy to explain this further, but I'm sure your technicians could fix this easily.  



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  • You say you are not in the 100-500 Plan, but Ting does not have plans or contracts.

    Ting has rates with independent buckets of usage for phone, text, & data.

    If you used 125MB of data, you are automatically in the 100-500 rate bucket for data that month. Next month you would star again in the 0 bucket for data.

    The usage does not immediately appear in the web or mobile dashboard. There is a delay until the usage is transmitted from the network partner to Ting.

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