Automated voicemail greeting for GSM devices

During voicemail setup, it requests a PIN then it tells me to record my name.


I do not want to vocally record my name.


I want the system to play a default message to callers, such as "You have reached (10-digit phone number)." On CDMA devices there is an option for this, but GSM forces users to vocally record a name announcement. This is unprofessional to the point of asinine. I tried just hanging up when it reached that point in the voicemail setup, because as far as I was concerned, I was done. I had already set my PIN, so nothing more was needed. However, when I go to check my voicemail now, it starts the whole setup process over again, telling me to choose a PIN, etc.


How hard can it be to fix this one minor thing? Yes, I use the word "fix" because it is a problem, not a feature.



  • I would also like to have automated greetings..

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  • Hi Cornel, I'm going to bring this up at our next feature meeting to find out a reason why we aren't offering it and to see if it is something that we could get. The next meeting isn't for a couple weeks so you won't hear from me for a bit but I'll be back with an answer once I have one.

    Thanks for bringing this up again by the way, we're looking into features more now a day so hearing about this one is putting it back on our radar of what people are interested in. 

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  • This ticket was submitted in 2017, and this has yet to be updated? I used the automated greeting for privacy reasons. I insist upon having instructions provided for how to enable automated voicemail greetings. 

    I repeat, this is a *privacy* issue. My voicemail is currently useless, and my old network has been discontinued. Why are you forcing this privacy invasion?

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