Primary Focus is CAMERA Quality

I'm looking for new phone recommendations and my primary concern is camera quality.  Budget is no more than $300 and if possible I'd like to buy a new phone directly from TING.  Looks to me like the best choices are Moto G5 Plus, HTC Bolt, or refurbished Galaxy S5.  

I like the specs on the Bolt but no head phone jack is probably a deal killer.

The Moto G5 Plus has similar great sounding specs but several reviews say that the camera quality is sub-par despite the great specs.

The Galaxy S5 is refurbished and has mostly lower reviews.

Does anyone have experience with camera quality (or other major issues) with any of these three?  

If I go with BYOD, the ZTE Axon 7 Mini looks pretty darn good.  Any experience there?





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  • I withdraw my enthusiasm on the Axon, regular or mini.  Lots of negative reviews out there.


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