Change Charge for a Very Few Amount of Texts in a Month to Cover Wrong Numbers and Spam

I'd like to see the charge for a very few amount of texts in a month change.  The problem is with wrong numbers and spam texting you when you don't use texting very often.  I'd like see for up to 5 texts it be only $0.25 or $0.50 or something like that.  $3 seems kind of ridiculous to me for something I didn’t even intend to use that month.  The problem with turning texting off completely is it’s too inconvenient to turn on and off when I do want to use texting and it’s not like phone calls where I can decide not to answer them.  I say 5 texts because if you get a wrong number text, you reply back that it's a wrong number, and then they might reply back acknowledging it, so that’s up to 3 texts for a wrong number.  If it’s just spam then obviously no reply is necessary.



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  • A consideration or allowance for this would be nice. I'm new here, but I've often received several wrong-number calls, texts, and MMSs, so I can relate. One kid sent me (thinking I was grandma) 5 videos of them at a basketball game dancing and having a great time. 

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