Need help migrating data from LG Tribute 2

I have a friend that I'm trying to get switched to ting.  Yesterday his Tribute 2 screen got SHATTERED.  The phone works but nothing is visible on the display.  It's currently a boost phone, so, in order to have a phone immediately, he used his discounted upgrade option to get an LG Tribute HD last night.  But all of his contacts, text history, etc., is still on the Tribute 2.  Any ideas on how to migrate the data over?  I'm wondering if there's any way to connect the broken phone via USB cable to a computer and save the data and the upload it to the HD?  I have iPhones, so I'm clueless in the Android world and everything I see online requires a working 'old' phone to start the process of moving its data over...

Thanks in advance for any help.





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