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 Had to temporarily change my password so my out-of-town elderly father could get help at cell store activating his Ting SIM (didn't want store tech to know my good password). Now when I try to change it back I get "New password cannot be the same as the last 8 passwords used"

Eight ?!?! Wow that is super annoying. Does not in any way "make sense"

Forcing people to generate new secure passwords on the fly is a sure fire way to force people to write down passwords which undoes any gain in security.



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  • Hey Ted, sorry to hear about the password issues. We do this in order to ensure the security of your account but I can see how it'd be an inconvenience and possible security risk on your end. I recommend never using the same or similar passwords across your accounts and in order to record them in a secure fashion, I'd recommend utilizing a password application like LastPass.

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