Personal Information, screen names, and a question or two

Hello. I'm very new to Ting. Sorry if this is too long/TLDR. It's really just all of the thoughts running through my head.

I researched this, and similar companies, for a while before deciding to come here. I'm excited about taking control of my monthly cellular bills and drinking in the savings- especially since I'm not a heavy or power user. (I mean, when the phone rings, I stare at it and make a face. My daughter has laughed about that for years, and has even chased me with the ringing phone.) But, I'm also a little concerned about some of the stuff I'm seeing in the forums particularly related to privacy, personal information, and charges. 

One customer was concerned about not being able to remove his credit card information. The person who responded, clarified some information, but regardless, that's scary. Title- "Allow credit card info to be removed...". 

A different customer stated his credit card info had been stolen and was being used on Ting to order a phone and services, and he felt Ting wasn't listening. 

Several people have reported being charged for calls or texts they never received on their phones. That has happened to me as well with google voice and other cellular carriers, but it didn't matter because my service was unlimited. Is there a procedure in place to take that into consideration, or no? Something like that can really make a difference especially when it takes you from one plateau to another. 

Another customer posted that he ("Turned off Text messaging...") and says he's still receiving one text/month and getting that $3 charge. 

I was really not happy to read the post about "Poor Customer Service" related to a phone purchased through Ting.

Just my new-to-Ting observations :) Not trying to change the world. Just trying to get my sea legs.

     Forum Names: In this day of stolen personal information and spam, why doesn't Ting allow customers to use screen names? Yes, I could avoid displaying my full name by simply not posting, but I'd rather be able to participate in the community and protect my account name.

     Text Messages: Wow! What a big jump from 100 to 1000, BUT it's also just a $2 difference, soooooooo... Yay! LOL. But one SMS message costing $3 is rough in this day of spam and a couple of the above issues. How about a policy where the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd incoming texts per billing period are free? Hmmm? Yeah? **I just read that S/M/L levels have a 5% buffer. I hope that still in effect because that's nice.

     Data: It would be kinda nice if there were a nice little $5 or $6 point between the 100mb and 500mb plateaus. I think (IMHO) that could benefit the not-so-heavy users like myself.

     Ting App Permissions: Why do you need access to my contacts? I don't see why that would be necessary considering the purpose of the app, so I won't be downloading that.

     Calls to phones on the same account: Do calls to phones on the same Ting account get double charged for minutes (because it's 2 phones using the same minutes), or are they free, or what?

I'm excited to try Ting, but also concerned about a few things (including a couple of meanies in the forum), and disappearing Ting-related comments. Yes, there's more than one side to a situation, and every company has it's issues and growing pains, so I just hope it's smooth sailing from this point. It's also pretty great that there's a forum for everyone. Big thumbs up for that.




  • Hi Anita,

     Thanks for posting and for all the questions and concerns. Here at Ting, we want our customers to have a mobile company that is a smarter way to do mobile and the first step in that for us is to offer clarity to everyone. Concerns about mobile companies privacy, personal information, and charges are always a wise thing to look at when doing your research on them. Our forums are a good place to have these discussions about concerns so that others are able to see and to join in on the conversation so let us help you get your sea legs so that you know what is going on with your new mobile provider.

     For rates and charges that take place on your account that are discrepancies always feel free to contact our customer support as we would be able to look at the charges and if they are incorrect we would be more than happy to fix any issue. Right now we have no plans to change our rates and how they are charged. We do still have our buffer in place for our S/M/L buckets and we also have the option for customers to put usage alerts on accounts so that they can be notified when they are getting closer to different levels of talking, texting, and data. Calls to phones on the same account do count minutes for both lines as both phones access the network to complete the call. With the customers receiving one text message and getting charged for it that usually happens when apps or companies send short-code text messages to a user to verify an account that they have, when it happens we get the customer to call our customer service and we fix the issue on the back end of our system. We want to be fair to our customers when it comes rates and charges and we want you to save on your monthly bill.          

     When it comes to privacy here at Ting we take it very seriously and we do everything we can to make sure that all of our user's information is safe and secure in our system. There have been cases when misinformation has been put online but we want you to know that the credit card information on accounts are not the full credit cards and are only tokens that are created to make payments. If you were to close your Ting account and after final bills have been cleared, credit card tokens are removed from our system within 3 months. For our app, the reason it asks for your phones contact information is so that your call history on the app it will show the person name instead of their phone number. The Ting app is not necessary to have to have the full experience here at Ting as the website offers all the features as well. We appreciate your due diligence when researching us and hope that despite concerns we can give you a mobile experience that makes you feel safe and secure.  

     Your thought on Forum names is actually something new that we never thought of. I'm going to pass that along to our feature request team because it is a very interesting idea. 

     We are excited that you are trying our services. We want to prove to you that we here at Ting are looking to make a mobile company that makes sense the market landscape.  I wanted to let you know that if you ever have any questions or concerns that you should feel free to reach out to us because we always want to help. Our customer support line is available Monday to Friday from 8 am to 1 am ET and from 8 am to 11 pm ET on the weekends and is the best way to get a hold of us. Our advisors will be there to pick up the phone and give you a hand with whatever is going on with your mobile or your services. I hope you have a great day and thanks for choosing Ting!

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  • Hi, Bryce. I appreciate your response and the information you provided. Also, thanks for clearing up the credit card question. I think your rates are interesting, though higher than some out there (but how is their customer and cell service? Hmmm?). But, though I'm not thoroughly sure of exactly how it works in action, I'm glad to know the "buffers" are still in place.

    I've definitely researched a lot here on the site, and I set alerts on day one. Oh, yeah! I'm trying to use this service as I typically do just to see where I'd fall with normal use for me, but I must admit, I do get a little anxious when I have to be on the phone for a while (doctor and insurance ordeals) or I have to use data. Regardless, I do expect my bill to actually be about half of the norm, so we shall see.

    I'm happy to hear you'll forward my suggestion about user/forum names to your feature request team. My opinion is that it won't take away anything from the community, but it will allow a measure of privacy for the users.

    I'm going to look at 2 to 3 months of service, and see how it works for me overall. This service truly isn't for everyone, but I hope it's for me, and if it is, I'll gladly spread the word. I am getting my sea legs, so all is good so far. :) 

    Again, thanks for responding.

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