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chad treece

I recently contacted support due to an issue with voicemail after migrating to a new phone.  I was told that the feature I wanted wasn't available, and to create a post in the "Feature Requests" area.  That area currently includes 22 pages of feature requests.  I asked if there was a way to search just the feature requests to see if there was an already existing request for the functionality I wanted, and was told that there was not and to just log a new request.

There should be a way to search just the feature requests area so that duplicate requests are avoided and existing feature requests can get the additional exposure.



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    Brennan V
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    EThanks for sharing Chad. There are a couple of methods to navigate our feature request forum. The search bar in the top right corner can be used to search our entire community database.

    Of course, as you probably already know, the sheer number of possible ways to phrase a thought adds complexity. For example, there are probably a hundred ways to request a pricing change ("change pricing; add a tier; adjust cost per unit; reduce the charges"). To work around this, we are manually collapsing, merging and curating all posts in this forum to minimize the noise and focus the conversation and votes to a single request.


    Another way to search would be to sort posts by popularity, either by votes or by comments (see image below).

    TL;DR - I can truly appreciate the time and effort you would put into searching for a request before creating a post. It's totally okay to create a new post if the search takes longer than a minute. We'll curate and collapse as we move along.

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