Migrate voice mail data when activating a new phone

I recently activated a new phone, but none of the documentation that I read about that process explained what effect that would have on my saved voicemails.  I had no idea that my saved voicemail was tied to my device, and that activating a new device would delete my saved messages and reset my voicemail setup.

I contacted support to see if there was some way to restore my data, but was told that it was gone and could not be restored.

I would like to request a feature that allows the migration of existing voicemail settings and data to a new device when it is activated.  If possible, the user would be able to choose whether to migrate the existing setup, or to clear the previous setup and start over.

There should also be better messaging during the activation process regarding what data and settings are going to be changed/removed so the user is able to make informed decisions during the process.




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