How to Remove Samsung Lock Screen Without Losing Data

"I got this phone a few weeks ago, and when I first got it I was playing with the VPN Settings trying to set one up. And I think I remember it saying something to me about having to setup a lock pin in order to use a VPN. So I setup a locking pin and continued setting up a VPN.


But now, I have gotten rid of the VPN that I had setup in there, and I was trying to Disable the "Screen Lock" which is currently set as "PIN". But ALL the options in Settings > Personal > Security > Screen Lock > Choose Screen Lock (I get here after confirming my current PIN first)... Now while in the "Choose Screen Lock" page, ALL the options listed are greyed out except for "PIN" and "Password". So, how can I do to turn off the screen lock on Samsung Galaxy phone without losing any data?"


Looking for a simple yet effective way to turn off the lock screen on Samsung Galaxy phone without losing data or restoring to factory settings?


Well, please don't worry, to remove the lock screen on Samsung Galaxy phone, what you need is just the Samsung Lock Screen Removal, which can one click to bypass the lock screen Pattern/PIN/Passcode/Fingerprint on Samsung Galaxy phone with few simple steps:


Step 1. Connect your Samsung phone
Step 2. Enter into Download Mode on your phone
Step 3. Download recovery package
Step 4. Remove Samsung lock screen without losing data


Video Guide:




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