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 I'm a Ting customer and my stepdaughter is as well (her phone was originally on my account and after she turned 18 we arranged for it to go to her own account). We purchased her a new unlocked iPhone 6s and would have purchased her a new SIM card from Ting but from the quick research I did it seemed as though the SIM she had in her iPhone 5c would work in it (Nano SIM was all we knew at the time). Apparently it did not and so I told her to chat with Ting thinking it would be easily resolved. Every other interaction I have had with you all has been great. I think my stepdaughter's chat was going fine until a point when she was told the SIM wouldn't work and she would have to get a new one. I started to tell her to ask more questions but we decided to just let me take over the chat from there instead of having my stepdaughter just dictate what I was saying (which I announced in the next question). I felt like the chat rep immediately became condescending and rude. She also didn't use capitalization or punctuation which came off as unprofessional. Though you can probably look it up yourself I made sure to email a copy of the chat transcript to myself and I would like to bring this someone's attention. I know tone can be hard to read in text but my wife, my stepdaughter, and I were all getting a "rude vibe" from the conversation. Even after calling her attention to it I felt like she continued to be rude and unprofessional. Is there any additional information I can provide to help you look up the incident?





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    Thanks for approaching us, Vincent. We are absolutely interested in investigating the incident. I'm terribly sorry for your experience and am eager to address. I'll send an email to the address linked to your Ting account. We can pick it up from there. I'm all ears.

    I'll send an email to the address linked to your Ting account and we can pick it up from there. I'm all ears.

    Talk soon.

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