New ability to flag and block spam calls from web interface.

 It would be really nice if Ting had a web service that could allow users to flag a phone number as a spam caller, also, optionally allow users to drop flagged spam numbers proactively.

Ting's new web service could also flag any phone number that make more than some threshold number of say 5 minute calls on the network within a short duration. 

So far, I think Ting has one of the best product offerings and support staff of any US cellular service provider!

Way to go guys! 



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  • Hi Logan, spam calls are terrible and are something that we hear about from our customers. We don't have anything like what you were thinking of yet but we are always looking into new ideas. For now though, if the spam calls are bothering you I could suggest taking a look at the New York Times Article about combating spam calls to your mobile. It gives great tips on apps and practices that you can do to stop these calls from reaching you. 

    Thanks for choosing Ting and have a great day!

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