Can I switch a Ting phone to Sprint's free unlimited year long deal?

In case you have not heard, Sprint has an incredible deal - almost free for a year.  My question is, will they accept a transfer from a Ting account just like they do for Verizon or one of the others?  

Neither of my phones are eligible for this deal, so I was wondering if anyone had tried this, or have an eligible phone they could check to see if it was eligible?  

I am thinking I could buy newer phones with the money I would save over the next 12 months, and then switch back to Ting when the deal expires.



  • Hey Ralph,

    That's a great question. Sprint's terms of the deal state two things that I would be mindful of: 

    Req. AutoPay, eBill, and port-in from postpaid carrier. 
    I don't know if Sprint considers Ting a postpaid carrier, despite us using postpaid billing. This is something that can only really be resolved by a Sprint representative.

    Excl. ports made between Sprint or related entities.
    This is another situation that can only really be answered by Sprint, if they consider Ting CDMA a "related entity". Make no mistake, we're a separate company and are not owned by Sprint. 

    As for your phones failing the eligibility check, you're not alone. I've helped dozens of people over the last few days on Reddit and SlickDeals get their inactive Ting and RingPlus phones released from Ting to make them eligible for Sprint.

    It's a thing called the Phone Ownership Code, and it's really easy for us to "push" an inactive phone back to the Sprint side. Just send an email to from the email address associated with your Ting account and tell our advisors that you need the ownership code changed from "PLBL" (which is what Ting uses) back over to "SPCS" (which is what Sprint uses). 

    Make sure the device is inactive, as we can't flip the code on an active phone. If you need help with this, grab another inactive CDMA device so we can switch it for you. If the phone doesn't have any unpaid agreements associated with it, the phone should be cleared to activate on Sprint. 

    I can't say one way or the other if the deal is good for you or not, but we're more than happy to have you around. If you decide to come back after the promotion, we're glad to have you!

    I hope I answered all your questions. If you have any others, just let me know.

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  • My phones are ineligible because they are not in the list of approved devices for this deal.  I was thinking about purchasing a used, unlocked phone from the deal's list, adding the new phone to Ting, and then take advantage of Sprint's deal.  

    I would like to be pretty confident that I can do this before purchasing phones, otherwise will stick with Ting and wait another year or 2 before buying new phones.

    Thanks for the info.  I have been with Ting for several years and love it.  My only inconvenience is that the data doesn't roam - sometimes when traveling I can go several hours without service and cannot use maps and weather.  But otherwise I love the price and service!

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  • My answer is that it 'seems' no - I did open a new account with Sprint to take advantage of the 5lines for $100/month (for over a year!) deal, but they couldn't port my number, the rep said that Ting is a Sprint reseller so a port-in is not applicable. Also he didn't seem to know how to transfer the number. So I just set up a new number, and am contemplating porting my Ting number to Google Voice so I can still use it & just have the calls from it forwarded to my new number.

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  • Hey Kristel, 

    It's true -- Sprint considers Ting CDMA customers "already Sprint" customers and not eligible for some port-in offers.

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