1080 Android HD Rearview Mirror with GPS, WIFI, & car recorder

My question is. It takes a micro SIM card to be able to use a GPS. My average usage per month is 4 the GPS. Average usage would be around 500 to 700 minutes per month maximum. Does 100 megabytes of data cover that? And exactly how many minutes does 100 megabytes of data cover of this usage? Thank you very much



  • Hey John, thanks for reaching out. Firstly, you'll want to check out the compatibility of your device here. For a device that requires a data connection to perform GPS navigation the timeframe of usage is what will make a difference. For a short trip, I'm sure 100 megabytes may suffice but for a long journey, you will require more data. Additionally, our minute rates and data rates are separate. You can get a better idea of how they work through our rates page. Finally, I'd recommend that you try and download the Google Maps area for the place you're traveling to over wifi in order to save on your data. 

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  • John - Can you tell us the exact make/model of the GPS mirror?  A quick Google search shows quite a few varieties.

    To help save on data usage, I'd suggest two things assuming the device is using Google Maps.

    1. See if you can enable off-line usage.  The stock Google Maps app has an option named "Offline maps" that will let you pre-select areas and download a snapshot of the area to the storage of the device.

    2. Google Maps also has a "Wi-Fi only" which reduces (not eliminate) the usage of cellular data.  This does limit you to using the mapped areas downloaded in the "Offline maps" feature, but if you're using it in only a few specific areas this might do for you.

    Both of these features are on my Google Pixel phone with the latest apps - I don't know if your GPS mirror has the same options.


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